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Who is the Sole-Proprietor of Joseph Master Photography is the founder of the JMP CLUB. By joining the club, all photo enthusiasts in Singapore and around the world will stand benefit as Joseph shares all his knowledge and techniques acquired over a span of 49 years in the Professional Art of Photography.

Whether you are an experienced or amateur photographer, young or old and interested in photography, nothing beats receiving guidance from the Master of Photography in taking good photographs in any genre in photography.

Joseph K.S.Tan who started photography at the age of 35 years old in 1963, is a well-known UK-Professional Photographer Qualified Master (since 1983), as well as Director, Region 30 (S.E.A) for the Photographic Society of America (since 2007) and Teacher in Photography since 1992.

Over the years he has garnered a number of awards both locally and internationally in all genres of photography.

In 2010 he received his 5th Galaxy Award from the Photographic Society of America.

Through JMP CLUB, he intends to reveal all his Master’s Secrets and techniques to all who are keen and eager.

On the 1st week of every month, commencing from the month of May 2013, all members will receive a two page topic by email on photography in a simple step by step guideline on how to take simple and technically sound photos.

Published topics may not be repeated.

a) Page 1 will consists of a brief write-up on a particular photography subject with guideline e.g. taking a close-up of a flower.

What choice of lens to use should one own a DSLR Camera? What is ISO, Aperture, Shutter-speed to apply and whether the photo is taken under direct sun-light or in the shade, and how one is to place her/his flash unit if taken in the shade and the type of flash unit to compliment it.

b) Page 2 will consist of 3 to 4 photos depicting on how the photos should have been taken.

Through this simple yet effective method, anyone can pick up Joseph’s technique easily.

Each month there will be a different topic or subject to improve one’s method in taking simple and technically sound photos.

Members will only have to pay a small token fee in order to enjoy these benefits and more:

a) Monthly fee $5.00 or half-yearly $15.00 or annual fee of $30.00.

b) Please send an email for the application form.

c) 10% off all studio shoot and for all future books production

d) Bi monthly outing with guidance (if for model shoot – fee moderate)

e) Bi monthly Program Members Night (see below)

In addition, to the above benefits JMP CLUB will try to arrange a monthly program night where members will be able to meet up with fellow club members to enjoy a special imported photography program from America, Europe or Asia by the world Top Photographers.

Members will have to pay a small token fee for attending the Program Night.

More details will be announced in the JMP website :

We look forward in welcoming you to the JMP CLUB…….Joseph

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