JMP Photography Guide Book series


JMP Photography Guide Book series

JMP celebrates 50th year anniversary in conjunction with Singapore 50th year independence 1965-2015 by producing booklet ” Creative Foundation To Good photography”.
It provides the essential guidelines and photos for those who wish to learn the techniques in taking good photographs. The content in the book was made simplified and target to all level and age.
The Rule-of-Third is common and believe a lot of people may already heard before, however with Master Joseph, he had advanced the guideline on Rule-of -Third. Master Joseph will tell you the reasons and how to overcome it in the booklet.

Whether it is a compact or DSLR camera, or even a smart phone, Master Joseph will share with you the simple way to hold it for a steady shot.

This booklet written by Master Joseph K.S.Tan, who conducted his Foundation Photography Course on the basis of this booklet since April 1992, is a must for all those who not only loves to look at good photos but will also learn a few simple techniques in taking good photographs. To-date, thousands of students have benefitted from his teachings. Hence, this booklet is a good guideline for all photo enthusiast. In line with SG50, this booklet will be selling at a special rate of $.7.00 instead of $8..00 (including postage).

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