Joseph K.S Tan

Joseph K.S.Tan took up photography in 1963, he sent his works for an International  Exhibition Competition  and won a major awards which ranked him among the Ten Top Photographers of the world. At the age of 42, Joseph left a secure job as Head of Oil accounts with Shell company to begin a new career as o professional Photographer in 1970.

1968  - 1970 : Appointed International Salon Chairman for 3 consecutive years by the Photographic Society of Singapore for organizing International Salon of Photography. Adviser to the Raffles Photographic Club for organizing inter-school competition and conducting free photography courses for their members.

1968 – 1970 : Member of the Photographic Society of America. Actively participated in the Overseas International competitions. During this period, occasionally had been assigned by the P.S.S to give a series  of lectures to the R.A.F Changi, R.A.F. Seletar, R.A.F Tengah and Naval Base Photographic Clubs.

1969 – 1970 : Hon. Secretary of the Pictorial group and Asst.Hon.Secretary of the Photographic Society of Singapore.

1970 – 1984 : Set up his own business and spent several years in Europe to understudy the final aspects of photography in particular the Portrait Photography.

1971 : Awarded the Distinction Diploma Services Rendered in Photography (ES.FIAP) by the Federation International De L’Art Photographique ( Berne).

1985 – 1989 : During his 5 years  with Robinson Portrait Studio, he has been the Royal Photographer for Her Royal Highness and also photographed the Sultan, Her Majesty the Queen and other Royalties.

1986 – 1989 : Appointed Photography Instructor  by the Peoples Association to conduct photography courses at the Kampong Ubi and Changi Comunity Centers.

1987 : Featured in the Straits Times and Asia magazine being the first person in Asia to be awarded the ” Associate” of the UK- based Master Photographer Association for Portraiture and Wedding.

1988 – 1996 : Panel of judges for Kodak ” Bride of the year ” annual contest.

1989 : Elected Vice- President of the Photographic Society of Singapore and also Acting International Salon Chairman.

1990 – 1991 : Set up ” Canvas Bond Studio” in Bangkok. In December, 1990 Joseph had an audience with Thailand King Bhumibol Adulyadej at the Royal Palace followed by a photography session of the Royal Family.

1992 : Upon his return from Bangkok, he was fully  committed to teaching photography  full time conducting various types of photography  courses for both amateur and professional photographers.

1992 : Received Awards  of Merit for 2 & 3 stars respectively from the Photographic Society of America for works submitted to world-wide Salon competition.Guest speaker at the Rotary Club ( Queenstown) chapter. Awarded the ” Associateship Services” distinction certificate by the India International Photographic Council ( AS.IIPC).

1995 : Guest speaker at the 4-days ” PHOTOWORLD MANILA95 on Wedding Photography organized by  THE FEDERATION OF PHILIPPINE PHOTOGRAPHERS FOUNDATION INC. MANILA. Received Award of Merit for 4 stars rating by the PSA. Guest speaker for 5 days on Portraiture for delegates attending the 13th India  International Photographic Council ( Workshop & Conference ) at Jodhpur, India.

1996 : Joseph was honored by AMPHOTO in New York in the book ” THE BUSINESS OF PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY “- A Professional guide in marketing and managing a successful studio, with a profile of 30 Top Portrait  Photographers around the world.

1997 : Elected ” Associate ” To The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain ( ARPS ). Appointed International Representative for Singapore by the Photographic Society of America. In December 1997 was invited to Port Macquarie , Australia by Mr. Warren Scott, tutor of the North Coast School of Photography to promote an exchange of program between Australia and Singapore. During his visit, he was interviewed by Australia Media and also being featured on Channel 7 at their Prime Time News.

1998 : Joseph was the first person awarded the ” FELLOWSHIP ” ( FMPA) by the UK- based Master Photographers Association ( MPA) Joseph is the organizer and one of the speakers at the ” DELPHI FAR EAST – MASTER CONVENTION ” for Singapore and Indonesia on behalf of the Master Photographers Association. Five distinguished Master Photographers from U.K and one person from Indonesia were guest speakers. Joseph was also appointed ” Ambassador ” for the M.P.A.

1999 : In a world  wide  competition organized  by the Master Photographers Association, Joseph was awarded an “OSKAR” the Overall winner of the MPA Overseas category  B&W Photographer of the year 1999. Co-author of the book “ The Masters’ Secrets” of the Diazochrome Process.

2000 : Joseph received his 5-STARTS rating and PSA Distinction Certificate of Proficiency ( PPSA).

2001 : Joseph was honored by the India International Photographic Council – The Fellowship Service coveted International Honor ( FS.IIPC) for providing several decades of dedicated photography services to fellow photographers.

2002 : The Photographic Society of America has elected Joseph to the level of  ” Associateship ” (APSA).

2005 : In October, Joseph received the Master’s Highest Honor Award, the ” Honorary Fellowship” ( Hon.FMPA) from the UK- based Master Photographers Association. He is the first person in ASIA to have been conferred on this rarely given award. During this period, Joseph has produced a booklet entitled ” A Household of Guide to Taking Good Pictures“.

For over two decades, Joseph has submitted his works for Overseas International Salon of Photography competitions all around the world. He has won many awards and more than a thousand acceptances world-wide.

Throughout the years, Joseph has received many honors around the world which includes Asia, Europe and U.S.A.  An accomplished photographer, he was also featured in many Newspapers and magazines. Also being interviewed by foreign radios and TV News.

2006 : Joseph received his 25 years long membership from the Master Photographers Association.

2007 : Appointed  Region Director , Region 30 ( S.E.A) by the Photographic Society Association.

2008 : Appointed International Rep. for Singapore by the Photographic Society of America.

2009 : Conferred ” Honorary Fellowship ” by the Pakistan Salon Group ( Hon. FPSG).

2010 : Conferred ” Honorary Pascal English School Photographic Club ( Cyprus Photographic Club) Hon.PESGSPC) and Grand Progress Awards GPA.PESGSPC.

2010 : Presenting a 3- day workshop jointly organized by India International Photographic Council and College of Art Institute in New Delhi , India. At the same time leading a group of 14 photographers for an excursion tour to various cities of India.

2010 : Life Time Achievement Award by India International Photographic Council during the World Photographers Day held on 19th of August, 2010 at the Triveni kala Sangam Auditorium, New Delhi, India.

2010 : Grand  Progress Awards Pascal English School Group Photographic Club, Cyprus ( GPA.PESGSPC ) Cyprus Photographic Club.

Fellowship of the ChinaTown Photographic Club ( FCTPC) Singapore. Participated as one of the 9+1 Honorary Exhibitors at the Kreta Ayer Community Club Exhibition Hall From 4th to 6th of September, 2011. The event was opened by Dr.Lily Neo, MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC.

2011 : 5th GALAXY International Exhibitor Award from the Photographic Society of America, USA.

2011 : International Photoart Exhibition Of World Top Photographers by Invitation 2011 organized by Photoart Society  Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia. Also leading a group of 20 amateur and Profesional photographers for an excursion photography tour to Batu Pahat and Mallaca.

2011 : Representing Chinatown Photographic Club as invited guest speaker at One Asia, Asia Magazine photo exhibition held at Suntec Convention Centre on the 10th & 11th Dec. 2011.

2012 : Photography Talk  ” The Goal of a Portrait Photographer” to member of the MacPherson  Community Club Photographers Club.

2012 : Photographic Exhibition together with 19 members of JMP Salon group held at the Potong Pasir Community Centre on 7th & 8th April 2012 in conjunction with the launching of the 20th JMP Anniversary of the book entitled “ Transforming Images into Pieces of Art”.

2012 : Photography  Talk ” How to take Good Photographs” to members of the Singapore Swimming Club on 19th May, 2012.

2012 : Photography Talk on ” Techniques on Tips of Photography “ organized by the National Trade Union Congress U Live Symposium on 22nd July, 2012.

2012 : Photography Talk on ” Photography is not just hobby, it can be a career ” at the NTUC nEBo Youth Photo  Symposium – PIXELS 2012 ” I Dare to Dream” on 15th & 16th September, 2012 . He was one of the 3 judges for the competition.  The talk was held at the Singapore Polytechnic.

2012 : Photography talk on “How to Take Good Photographs” at the MENSA Singapore premises on 16th September, 2012.

2012 : Chief Judge at the Kg.Ubi CC Photographic Family Competition and Exhibition on 16th September, 2012.  The exhibition was open by Mr.Tan Chuan Jin, MP for Kembangan-Chai Chee Constituency and acting Minister of Manpower.

2012 : On 27th July, 2012, the India International Photographic Council has conferred him the Council’s Highest distinction “Honorary Membership (Hon.IIPC) award.

2012 – Recipient of 2012 PSA “Joseph P.Fallon, Jr. Memorial Award for sponsoring 171 new members to the Photographic Society of America since 1989.

2013 – National Art Council (NAC) approved Photography Instructor for Schools

2013 – Talk on Portraiture at the NTUC Downtown East cum Judge on 31-3-13

2013 – Talk on “How to take good pictures” at the AUPE premises on 31-3-13

2013 – Talk/Exhibition at the NTUC Symposium on 21-7-13

2013 – Elected an Honorary Fellow of The Image College Society, Internatioonal (Hon.FICS) USA

2013 – Organizing a 3 days Photography Learning Journey Group to Yogyakarta from 30/8 to 1/9/13

2013 – Guest Judge at the SNCF Photo competition on 27/9/13

2013 – Featured in the  ”SCAPE IT” magazine for July-August 2013 issue.

2013 – Bestowed the Honorary Fellowship of Photographic Society Batu Pahat (Hon.FPSBP) Malaysia

He is currently Singapore International Representative and Director, Region 30 (S.E.A) of the Photographic Society of America. Although Joseph spends most of his time teaching the art of photography, he still accepts the bookings by special request for his portraits, living up to his title: “The Creative Artist of Living Portraiture”.

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